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How It Feels To Float | Helena Fox – A book review


Goodreads synopsis:

Biz knows how to float. She has her posse, her mum and the twins. She has Grace. And she has her dad, who tells her about the little kid she was, and who shouldn’t be here – because he died when she was seven – but is. So she doesn’t tell anyone her dark thoughts. She knows how to float, right there on the surface – normal okay regular fine.

But when the tethers that hold Biz steady come undone – when her dad disappears along with all comfort – might it be easier, better, sweeter to float away?


Life is terrible and beautiful, isn’t it? It’s the best/worst at the exact same time, all possibilities at once.

Let me start of by saying I inhaled this book. If I didn’t have to put it down to adult and go to work I would have read in all in one sitting, with that being said I did finish this in about a day.

And wow, what a book. What a story. What a debut novel by Australian author Helena fox.

Through Biz’s first person perspective, we get to see her struggles and the thoughts she has while trying to deal with the loss of her dad, and trying to figure out herself in regards to her sexuality.

While Biz’s story briefly touches on her sexuality and kissing her best friend Grace, it doesn’t consume the whole story, and instead we focus on Biz’s struggle with mental health.

Helena has used her own experiences of mental illness to create Biz’s story, and, if like me, you have also gone through the grief of losing someone, or struggled to find who you are, this book will resonate with you.

Beautiful and raw debut, that shows cases grief and the hardships of mental health, but to remember to find and surround yourself with those who bring back the light after you have spent so long in the dark.

A huge thank you to Pan Macmillan Australia for sending me an early copy for review!

Book info:

Release date: 23 April 2019 (AUS)

Hardback Edition (USA) : 7th May 2019

Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia

Edition: Paperback

Price: A$17.99 RRP

ISBN: 9781760783303


If you or anyone you know needs help, please reach out to someone you love and trust or a health professional. You can also find help at the listed organisations below:

Lifeline: 131114

Blackdog Institute:

Beyond Blue:

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